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Wild Wisdom is our herbal blend for finding focus, flow and mental clarity.

This is a unique combination of herbs renowned for their ability to improve memory and cognitive function.

It's vegan, keto, gluten-free and caffeine-free.

Try Wild Wisdom today and join hundreds of customers who have found their focus naturally.

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Purposefully Potent

Lion's Mane Mushroom - the brain nootropic to improve memory and clarity that biohackers are raving about!

Rosemary - a folk favourite for focus, worn as a crown by the Romans to improve memory.

Sage - mood-enhancing and naturally energising, sage has shown significant promise for improving memory in scientific trials.

Lemon Balm - eases tension in the brain enabling you to unlock your flow.

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Flow on the Go

Simply add 1 dropperful to a glass of water, your juice/shake or smoothie to release the benefits of these brain boosting herbs.

72 dropperfuls per 50ml bottle - 38p per serving!

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frequently asked questions...

How do I take Wild Wisdom?

Simply add 1 dropperful to a glass of water (or any juice/smoothie etc). We recommend a maximum of 3 doses per day.

When is best to have Wild Wisdom?

We recommend to have the drops 15 minutes or so before setting down to your task. It works that fast!

How does it work?

Wild Wisdom contains a blend on potent herbal ingredients that are known to protect neurons and improve signalling in the brain. The unique formula also contains herbs to help us to relax, and it is this combination that enables you to reach that elusive Flow State.

What does it taste like?

The combination of herbs will taste sweet and herbal when mixed in water - the rosemary is the predominant flavour. We have designed this blend for maximum efficacy, so there are no sweeteners, fillers or flavourings - just amazing ingredients.