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IMMUNO-BOX - Immune-system essentials

IMMUNO-BOX - Immune-system essentials

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Take care of yourself or a loved one with a careful selection of our most immune-supporting products:

1 x Superior Chaga (40g) - Chaga is known to be one of the mushrooms highest in antioxidants and for its role as an immuno-modulator. Mushrooms also are a source of vitamin D2. 

1 x Golden Shrooms (40g) - mushrooms have an important role in our immune support. Reishi and Cordyceps are two potent immuno-modulatory and adaptogenic mushrooms that are currently in a number of scientific studies for their role in our immune system.  

1 x Golden Turmeric Honey (120g) - this combines three anti-viral ingredients: raw honey, coconut oil, and turmeric, to create a sweet and nurturing nectar for toast, oats and hot drinks.

1 x Botanical Guardian Tincture (50ml) - folklore herbs for natural defense with Elderberry, Echinacea and more.  

All packed beautifully in a golden gift box. 

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Golden Shrooms: Raw cacao* (42%), Cordyceps militaris mushroom hot water extracted 8:1* (17%), Duanwood red Reishi mushroom dual-extract 15:1 (Ganoderma lucidum)* (17%), Turmeric*, Ginger*, Ceylon cinnamon* and Black Pepper*.* Certified organic ingredients.

Please note, this does not contain psilocybin or hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Superior Chaga: 100% Organic chaga mushroom extract 10:1 (Inonotus obliquus).

Purposeful ingredients (British & EU origin): Water, cane sugar alcohol*, echinacea (echinacea purpurea)*^, elderberry (sambucus nigra fructus)*^, rosehip (rosa canina)*^, rock rose (cistus incanus)*, propolis*, mustard flower essence (sinapis arvensis)*. *certified organic ingredients, ^biodynamically grown.

Herb to liquid ratio: 1:2

V/V alcohol: 45%


Golden Shrooms & Superior Chaga: Add 1/2 teaspoon (1g) to hot/cold water, mylk, teas and coffee.

Tips: Golden Shrooms & Superior Chaga are versatile food supplements that are an excellent addition to baking, smoothies, shakes, juices and tonics.

Botanical Guardian: 1/3 pipette directly under the tongue or in a glass of liquid, up to 3 times a day. 72 servings per 50ml bottle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Please note: Seek professional medical advice first if pregnant, breastfeeding or if taking any other medication.


Golden Shrooms & Superior Chaga: Our labels are compostable and have been applied with a natural adhesive. The jar and lid are 100% infinitely recyclable.

Botanical Guardian: Bottled in Miron UV glass to protect and energise what's inside. Compostable label and recyclable pipette.

Kraft card box.

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