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Turmeric, Coconut & Mushroom Chocolate Truffles

Mushroom Turmeric truffles

Turmeric & Coconut and Mushroom Chocolate Truffles: 

This recipe is based on our original recipe found in our Super Roots Spices cookbook. We have added some of our Golden Shrooms and Superior Chaga for a more golden experience. 

Ingredients for 12 truffles:

Outer chocolate:

Inner coconut:


  • 1tsp Peanut butter (optional)


1) In an ice cube tray, add your first chocolate layer (you will need the remaining chocolate blend to close the bottom of the truffles). So pour a small amount of the chocolate in the tray and spread this around the mould. Allow to cool in the fridge and make the coconut mixture in the meantime. 

2) For the coconut inner, blend all the ingredients, sweeten to taste. We like to add Golden Turmeric Honey

3) Once the first layer of cacao has cooled add the coconut filling and press it down so it is a solid block. Then add peanut butter if you wish. Cover and seal off the chocolates with the remaining chocolate.

4) Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours or freezer to speed up the process. Enjoy :) 

Turmeric Mushroom Truffles

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