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Golden Balance: Sarah Murrell, Founder of By Sarah

What we put on our skin is just as important as what goes in. Meet Sarah Murrell, founder of organic skincare brand BY SARAH. We are mesmerised by her plant-based tonics + oils that leave skin looking more dewy and glowing than ever.  Today she shares her favourite rituals that keep her mind, body, soul (+ skin!) shining bright. 

 - How do you find your daily source of golden balance?
I start each day with an intention. My intention for today is focus. There's a great Google Chrome extension called Momentum which allows you to set your focus for the day and reminds you with each new tab you open!

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?
It’s very important to me; using our BY SARAH natural and organic skin care collection is part of my self-care ritual as I know I’m nourishing my skin with the very finest, plant-based ingredients at the start and end of each day.

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration.
One I read recently which I love is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

- We know nourishment from the inside out is fundamental to you. How do you practice this every day?
Water, water, water is rule number one! Choosing organic food is number two. And using our BY SARAH skincare is number three :)

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?
I practise yoga, movement, and take long walks in the countryside.

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen?
Mylk (for breakfast, smoothie bowls and a hot turmeric drink), organic honey (keeps away colds and doubles up as a face mask!) and lemon (added to a mug of hot water every morning or as a dressing on plant-based meals)

- Now tell us, do you have a guilty pleasure?
Chocolate - but the good stuff, 80%+ cocoa.

- What is your favourite way to use turmeric, be it in your beauty regime or recipes?
I love a turmeric mylk before bed.

- Matcha or turmeric latte?
Turmeric latte.

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