wunder workshop golden turmeric chai tea

A Breakdown on Bioavailability

For any and every individual seeking to truly maximise the nourishing potential of their food choices, knowledge of bioavailability, or nutrient absorption is key. Upon full understanding of how and which ingredients work in synergy with each other, one has the power to unlock a whole host of nutritional benefits that can bring a lifetime of healing and energising benefits to the body. 

wunder workshop golden turmeric chai

The idea behind bioavailability is that the specific combination of certain ingredients or foods can increase their very absorption by our clever bodies. Integrating some very small tweaks and flavour combinations into our daily routines can produce some pretty paramount effects. Now tell us - who wouldn't want that? The best part is that the most powerful of combinations can be found in our kitchen cupboards already, not to mention in our Wunder blends too. 

If you are finding yourself unsure where to start, our favourite hacks are in fact the simplest. Give them a try in your next tonic or meal and reap the magic. No surprise that turmeric is in the mix …

Turmeric + Black Pepper: While black pepper is already a super spice in its own right, the powerful molecule piperine in black pepper enables curcumin to pass the gut wall and enter the bloodstream, elevating our body’s capacity to harness the goodness of the mighty curcumin compound in turmeric to another level. You will find this very blend in our Instantly Golden Classic Turmeric Latte mix alongside cinnamon and coconut milk for a turmeric taste sensation. 

Vitamin D + Calcium: Living in the notoriously overcast London can mean we city dwellers aren't able to naturally produce adequate levels of the frequently termed ‘sunshine vitamin’. Fear not; simply combine calcium-loaded leafy greens like chard and kale with vitamin D charged, omega rich salmon to better absorb this elusive nutrient. As the vitamin famously responsible for boosting moods, this certainly is our kind of happy meal.

Ginger + Turmeric + Healthy Fats: When the ultimate digestion soother ginger is paired with golden turmeric and a healthy fat - think avocado, coconut, or flaxseed for example - our body absorbs the latter better than ever. We don't know about you, but this is giving us serious inspiration for a pretty magical morning smoothie concoction, no? 

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