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Wisdom by spiritual life & business coach Sanna Purinton

We asked our beautiful friend, god-mother, and spiritual coach Sanna Purinton to share her wisdom to guide us through this current climate. She was born with certain gifts genetically offered to her, one of which is her gift as an empath, offering a valuable road map to her clients and their ultimate healing

Make yourself a Golden Potion, find a quiet space to give yourself 5 minutes and let yourself be guided by her powerful words. 

We cannot wait to share more of her mind-expanding and heart-opening work with you in 2021 at our Wunder Retreat

Sanna Purinton Spiritual Life Coach

Around eight years ago, in 2012 my family and I went through a massive life-changing experience. At the time we were living relatively gently. Back then, our days were linked to each other, as plans were made and easily implemented because of the order of our familial routines, days blended into each other as did months and years. It was far from idyllic but passable as a life that many would call privileged. 

On a particular day, our world fell out from under us and at that moment, there seemed to be no security in our world, there was no future and there were no dreams. Thankfully my daughters and I united, creating a bubble of love, holding each other, as we began to figure out what could become the new normal. 

The healing was curious because historically we had recovered utilizing the skills of positivity, meditation, critical thinking, and the knowledge that we could heal by connecting to the I AM in us. We absolutely believed we would heal fast and within days and at the most weeks, we would be lifted out of the worst of it, miraculously recovered and restored. Well... that wasn’t the reality for us. 

It didn’t take weeks or months to recover but years and years. We still have moments when we feel we are still recovering and yet we are left far more sensitive, compassionate, and deeply grateful for our precious lives, there is some residual trauma within us that emerges from time to time and affects how we live our lives...

COVID19 arrived stealthily, moving aggressively and with the destructive capacity unseen in our lifetime. It has been massive and life-changing, disturbing our relatively ordered existences and it has attacked our foundations, disturbing security, challenging our futures and annihilating our dreams.  

AND so we all headed into lockdown and learned to adapt and somehow establish a new norm, one that did not hold the usual timeline of past, present, and future. One that was completely foreign to our united world. This unexpected tragedy brought with it a lack of clarity. It is my understanding that we experienced something akin to a global disaster and so we needed to find our way through and then past it. 

Some of us are adjusting using techniques of meditation, prayer, critical analysis, the law of attraction, and choosing love, and still, we have not resolved the whole of the situation around this virus or the ramifications of it in our lives and on a global scale. 

Our global quarantine melted days into each other, and now weeks have become months, many of us have grown accustomed to the lockdown to such an extent that some of us even like the feelings of being cloistered. Over the past ten years or so, life has been frenetic and relentless and covid-19 gave us a license to stop whether we liked it or not. 

At the risk of breaking the forth wall, I understand that many people’s businesses have failed, the unemployment rate is higher than ever, many relationships have ended or eroded because of the stresses and upheavals brought about by Corona so this situation can be described, for many as catastrophic. I feel tremendous compassion for the pain and losses incurred during this time and wonder what a recovery will look like.  

Now we need to begin the next phase... 

The healing begins as we create a new discipline for ourselves. We do this by acknowledging the physical world and the importance of our skin body which houses our soul. Eating high vibe and alive foods which hold this energy (Wunder workshops products), helps to create an intention for a vibrant life. Drinking coffee at this time is counterproductive for many reasons; one being that isn’t light-filled, conversely, the lockdown energy was not vibrant. We need to explore vibrance and enthusiasm. This will take some mental effort, spiritual effort or calming the confusions and moving into the expanded arena of possibility.  

If you are feeling melancholy about what your future holds and how you're feeling about getting back out into the world, there are many foundation building options that you can explore but the easiest one, to begin with, is getting out in the sun and catching some much-needed vitamin D. There are other options to assist with a better mental state, available through herbalists, naturopaths and integrated doctors. Celebrating life and it’s wonder, by being in the day light, does more for our healing than people are aware. We need to participate in the planetary cycles, seasons, weather and its breath.

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Taking time to explore places you have not been before, creating a small yet meaningful adventure opens you up to wonder and curiosity. This energy will offer a kind of childlike innocence that will connect us to the Divine. 

As we create this space of innocence, we open ourselves up to fecund possibilities which may be translated into opportunities for our lives.

It is important that you begin to make plans that you can commit to, be it small ones. For example creating dates for cuppas with friends is a good beginning and then further to that, create bigger and bigger plans all dreamed up by you. In doing so, establishing a new life. This will remind you of who you are and your personal enthusiasm for your life. These gentle activities will create something to look forward to build a new normal. We have to start to create a future again despite the living in the now. We need to acknowledge that our striving is not a sin but a way that we operate in the world via the Divine Masculine. We can all strive, it is what humans do.

Certainly, mediation is essential to create a new way of living. Connecting to the Divine via prayer cannot hurt and will give you a feeling of support which absolutely establishes a feeling of relief. This is the time to find some victories and experience relief. 

Some of us will be fighting the feeling of cynicism having been beaten down by the feeling of hopelessness and fear brought up due to this virus. Cynicism may even feel superior that we know something negative that others should know, I assure you I am not suggesting putting your head in the sand but suggesting that choosing a lightness of being and the frequency of Love goes a whole lot further in any healing process than the negativity of cynicism. 

Sanna Purinton Purpose

*Healing may happen in degrees, depending on how much loss and fear you experienced. Some folks may experience a kind of PTSD if there have been an extraordinary amount of fear and change or fear OF change. 

The key is do not rush the process of personal healing and be kind to yourself and your loved ones. Within the life-changing difficulties that we have all faces we need to be soft about our own healing time. Also, if you notice that you are fear ridden and finding it hard to get out of your home, explore where that is coming from and whether you are holding on to the past and regret. Sometimes we will need external support to elucidate what we are feeling and open into the expanded healing. 

Looking into the past round how fast we heal can become a regret, try to see the process as growth.

As you return to work you will get tired for so many reasons. You will also question why you are actually working. These queries are fair enough. At this stage the basic money situation needs to be addressed. Your safety and wellbeing matters and money helps to create the foundations to meet physical obligations. If you do decide to shift work or choose to live an alternative lifestyle, do not shift your work out of a reaction but in an eagerness to create a your passion and your purpose. 

Please be aware of your compounded stress levels and begin to address these issues, by creating a balanced life. For me my balance is in, joy, family, dance, exercise, fine fresh foods, nature, laughter and music as a priority for our human lives and as a healing, equalising the stress and negativity we might be experiencing.

Life will shift again in time and eventually you will find beauty and trust in your world, again but you will have to decide to work towards it.

Cynicism and your Spirituality do not work hand in hand positively. Cynicism is a very deep and insidious energy and is a powerful in creating, through the law of attraction, more of the same. In other words, cynicism attracts or magnetises to it more of the same.  

Creating dreams and a positive future needs to have a purity of mind and intent. If you hate men, finding everything they do irritating and obnoxious, therefore cynical about them, how in the world will you attract a positive relationship with the partner of your future? In brief creating a positive relationship to the future means a lightness, innocence and curiosity which cynicism is not about.

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As innovators and entrepreneurs, our creative spark comes from a part of us that is in a calm state of mind and able to critically think. This requires a space for meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness. We must take responsibility for this kind of exercise and practice this daily as we move towards building more opportunities in our future. The critical thinking muscle also must be built as you ask yourself questions around what the world needs, what your community needs what your family needs and how your passion and purpose mesh with that.    

During this time of global lack of security, we have been faced with many issues and predicaments that we never saw coming. The security and foundations we appreciated and have been rocked. The hard work and diligence we knew as predictable evaporated and still feels undermined daily.

We have is an opportunity to reconstruct, rationalise and revise who we are in our lives but this takes effort and awareness as to what to look at and riddle out what is actually being asked of us. 

It is my observation and understanding that everything is pointing to knowing personal authenticity. This is a most crucial exercise. To genuinely know yourself does take effort, becoming familiar with your feelings and sensations, allows you to  learn truth and then speak the truth therefore NOT acting and reacting not from a faddish perspective  or what is now the norm, marching to the beat of your own drummer, becomes the crux of Spiritual Journey and then we learn TRUTH, which is that you are SPIRIT IN FORM. It is my exploration that, this understanding alone is a lifetime of deepening and widening into Spirit.

Spirituality takes many forms and is not just a state of being but is an action-based process. To me the most dynamic example of this, is in the energy, of LOVE. This virus and all of the fallout from it, calls us to become powerfully aware of LOVE.  This exploration can become an expansion in the most remarkable ways, healing pasts, clearing karmic stories allowing us to be innocent and curious, dissolving cynicism and OPENING OUR HEART therefore creating compassion and then attracting harmony into our lives. THIS will allow a massive healing.

This LOVE is where we go for Spiritual awakening and this is how we authentically connect to the great good for all concerned and this is what this time is all about.

Learn more about Sanna here, and our joined Wunder Retreat in Tuscany here.

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