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A Path to Purpose

Wunder Retreat with Wunder Workshop, Sanna & Ondine



Think: La Dolce Vita, Meditation, Transformational Workshops, Italian cooking, Rustic Eco Accommodation, Local Exploring, Golden Potions, Consciously-prepared Food, Connecting to the Earth.


The world’s #1 Luminary Awakening Truth.

It is only through authentic self-illumination that one can truly know the truth.

International teacher and game-changer Sanna Purinton has chosen the fecund land of Tuscany to bring through her unique luminary gifts, the highest level of consciousness, to awaken those ready to meet with their own authenticity and higher purpose and apply this directly to the understanding of each person's life path. A workshop for game-changers, start-ups, creatives, the self-employed or those yearning for a spiritual activation for their career.

With over 30 years+ experience and bringing hundreds of people into their most awakened authentic capabilities, Sanna brings through a safe, impeccable transmission that will speak to you like nothing before. 

This life changing experience goes beyond any other earthly knowing. Direct access to all that is divinely rightfully yours.

Treat yourself to this rare experience. Be the light you are here to be - if not now, when?

Bringing holistic Clarity and Purpose to your business, your relationships and creating the foundation for success and accountability in your world.





Our work is an expression of our lives.

We have an opportunity to find our self at every turn, to find the deeper meaning of our existence and see our lives as a continual workshop where we are learning more about ourselves and with that, how to make our businesses and relationships thrive.

We spend a great part of our waking hours in our jobs, either doing the tasks in-front of us or contemplating how to create opportunities within work lives. We long for relevance, the cutting age and how to find fulfilment in our work lives and if lucky, for the highest good of all concerned.

Many of us hope for a mission; in other words, the reason why we are alive.

Our mission is a union of our job and what makes us profoundly excited.

It offers us an opportunity to truly open our hearts and our minds to know happiness and fulfilment.

We actually long for this happiness and what we innately know it will bring us.

Through this union of work and discovering what makes us happy we learn who we are, we learn our SOVEREIGNTY.

We can discover ourselves in the process of work fulfilment and suddenly we have a life that reflects who we authentically are.

Having our mission doesn’t discount our need for money - money is part of it.


  • Lawyer

  • Banker

  • Founder of a start up

  • Business owner

  • Product developer

  • Influencer

  • Chef

  • Film maker

  • Creative artist/writer/dancer

  • CEO

….Or any other thing in between.

We all seek the same thing. That we may have meaning, purpose, sovereignty and happiness.

  • Our week together will offer you the skills to find what we are looking for.

  • Will reveal new powerful skills that are implementable for your life your work; your mission, your sovereignty and for your personal lives.

  • Ultimately your Spirituality.



Sanna Purinton:

Sanna Purinton is a true child of the 60's - her connection to spirit and consciousness, began (consciously) in the 1970’s, though coming from the deeply connected, shamanic Mapuche women of Chile, this ability was intrinsic, predetermined, she possessed this ability on a cellular level.

Spirit has entwined itself in each undulation of her life, and through this experience Sanna offers her one-to-one sessions, workshops and guided meditations to the masses.

To say that this natural teaching ability is innate is an understatement; many across the world have flocked to her to receive her wisdom. Sanna’s lifelong, deep, visceral connection with spirit is imbued in every session she embarks upon.

It is with this unique approach that Sanna brings that same generosity of spirit, transcendent knowledge and authentic connection, so that you too, might expand in the authentic nature of the divine.

Ondine Purinton-Miller:

Ondine comes with her own unique understanding of healing, plant-medicine and a deep earth connection. She marries perfectly the millennial with the Ancient; embodying it in all that our technological community offers. Social Media platform with the idea that this is the opportunity to have a voice in authentic soul exploration. Ondine was gifted a shamanic awareness as a very young age, that have allowed the plants to communicate with her uniquely. This created an awareness and intuition as a modern day Alchemist and seeker of Truth.
She developed her blog The Alchemists after leaving high-school. Recognising the complexities of women, herself included, she wanted to create a platform that allowed her to use her voice, writing freely on spirituality, the earth, interviewing women and heralding the idea of the 21st Century Alchemist; a person who could transmute in their lives, turn lead into gold, finding purpose and mission. This brought her to writing professionally on her personal understandings, participating in panels, being interviewed for Elle Magazine, as well as being featured globally across various publications as a unique voice amongst the wellness and fashion community. This brought her create the continually evolving and expanding brand; ALCHIMISTE.

Ondine brings a unique combination of curiosity, innocence and intelligence to everything she does. Her wisdom outweighs her years and spending some time with her will excite and enhance. Her authenticity is palpable.

Tom & Zoe from Wunder Workshop:

We focus on Consumption With Purpose®, by harvesting the power of plants for the ultimate wellness rituals. Wunder translates to miracle, and we focus on plants that have a quality that can be classed as such.

We were inspired by Ayurveda - the "Science of Life", whose principles are based upon a preventive and holistic approach to health. We source functional ingredients to create products with integrity and purpose, with the farmers, the environment and our customers in mind at every step of the way.

As conscious citizens ourselves, all the decisions we make at Wunder Workshop are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer.

Everything we consume carries a story, from where it was grown, who farmed it and processed it, to how it was packaged. We believe these stories are the most valuable part of the process and connect us to the origin. We believe this should be transparent to all.

Zoë Lind van't Hof

Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, which meant she grew up plant-based, surrounded by botanicals, foraging and growing organic food was the daily norm. This knowledge and motivation, transformed into her own passion and has led her to start up her own business. Having travelled with her mother to Sri Lanka to experience and learn more about Ayurveda, Zoe learned about turmeric and its benefits. A couple of years after finishing her Master's degree in International Relations with a thesis on Climate Change, she went back to Sri Lanka to establish a partnership with the suppliers of our most crucial ingredient, Turmeric, and begin her journey to starting Wunder Workshop.

Tom Smale

Having studied pharmacology and worked in the medical world for a number of years Tom was convinced that there was more out there than conventional medicine. Having stumbled across the benefits of turmeric in his studies he was keen to follow a more natural path towards disease prevention rather than reacting to illnesses. Together with Zoe, he is passionate in sharing how we can live a more purposeful and balanced life. He brings a methodical and scientific approach to living purposefully and works with breath to enhance creativity, flow state and mindfulness.


Our retreat takes place in an ancient fortified complex dating from the Middle Ages and extends over an area of around 460 hectares. It sits in a tranquil and hamlet with panoramic views of the gentle rolling hills of Chianti Classico, cloaked in vineyards, olive groves and fields of wheat protected by woods and Mediterranean maquis. Pure bliss. 

A number of old farmsteads on the estate have been restored; the cluster of buildings that represents our retreat is made up of three farmhouses, renovated and furnished in the simple, traditional style of the Tuscan countryside.

There is also a private 6 x 12m swimming pool where you can soak in the superb panoramic views.

Our retreat is near the art cities of Siena and Florence, perfectly positioned to explore the area further should you wish to continue your journey before or after the retreat.


  • Sunrise herbal tonic

  • Morning meditation or chanting

  • Breakfast outside

  • Workshop

  • Alfresco lunch

  • Workshop

  • Free time to meander through the vineyards, recline by the pool, meditate or whatever your heart needs. There will be times available to be booked at the beginning of Retreat for One to One Sessions with Sanna. Note: these are not included in the workshop fee.

  • Candle-lit dinner

  • Some days this will interchange with a picnic, dinner out, wine tasting, Italian cooking class.


  • Florence Peretola airport (65 km away)


  • Saturday 12th June 3pm - Saturday 19th June 10am.


7 days full board, including 28 hours of workshops from £2250 p.p. (early bird 10% discount on bookings before 1st January 2021).

We recommend the double rooms for couples or friends, and the twin rooms for sharing with other guests. If you would like your own private room you can rent a whole double room or single room. 

Main House: 

  • Double Room 1: shared £2250 p.p. OR single occupancy £2800

  • Double Room 2: shared £2250 p.p. OR single occupancy £2800

  • Twin 1: shared £2500 p.p.

  • Twin 2: shared £2500 p.p.

  • Single 1: single occupancy £2750

Cottage 1 (shared bathroom & WC)

  • Double Room 1: shared £2250 p.p. OR single occupancy £2800

  • Twin 1: shared £2500 p.p.

Cottage 2 (own living-room, kitchen & bathroom):

  • Double Room 1: shared £2500 p.p. OR single occupancy £3000


1st payment on booking: non-refundable deposit of £500.

2nd payment one month after booking: £1000.

Final payment May 2021: remaining amount.

We want to make the retreat as accessible to all, so please get in touch for other payment options: email: Please note that all deposits and bookings are non-refundable. We don't take any responsibility for flight cancellations or delays.

What is included:

  • Daily workshop with Sanna Purinton

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner consciously created with seasonal, local and organic produce.

  • Daily Wunder potions, herbal tonics, and teas

  • 1 x Picnic

  • 1 x Dinner out

  • 1 x Wine tasting out

  • 1 x Local cuisine cooking class

  • Meditation sessions & yoga with Ondine

  • Wunder Workshop session on setting up a business with purpose

  • Learning more about herbs and adaptogens

  • Ondine's herbal knowledge & conscious food creations

  • Airport transfer to and from Florence

  • Notebook and learning materials

  • Wi-Fi internet connection

What isn't included:

  • Travel to Italy

  • Travel insurance

  • Italian tourist visa for non-European citizens

 Spaces will be limited for this unique experience, please book soon to avoid disappointment. 

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