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Golden Balance: Ursel Barnes

Finding a golden balance is so much more than what you feed your body- what you nourish your mind with is of equal importance too. With this in mind, executive coach, Qi gong lover + co-founder of tummy friendly deli High Mood Food, Ursel Barnes, shares her take on holistic living. 

How do you find your daily source of golden balance?
I start with a prayer of gratitude, have a turmeric infused tea and visualise bathing in a golden shower of heavenly light!

How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

I believe we are our own best doctors. I rate self-care quite highly and feel out of sink when I neglect my routines. I meditate in the early mornings, practise yoga, I go for acupuncture and reiki treatments, and I take part in rituals such as a cacao ceremony with a shaman.

Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration.

I love the Instagram poet Nayyirah Washeed. She is contemporary yet wise. Today’s poem is “Compassion. Is the longest emotion there is.”

We know nourishment from the inside is fundamental to you. How do you practice this every day?

Nourishment includes feeding the body, mind and soul. Seasonal and fresh food which is enhanced by fermented veg and drinks is food as medicine. A generally positive disposition, good sleep and feeling energy circulate inside my body gives me the feeling of satisfaction and not wanting for more.

What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

I practise Qi Gong, I love my infra red light for any aches and pains and I take our dogs for a walk.

Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen?

Coconut oil for cooking and (bullet proof) coffee, extra virgin olive oil on nearly everything, Himalayan pink or rock salt.

Now tell us, do you have a guilty pleasure?

I am still in lifelong recovery from my historic sweet tooth! Luckily, by now I get full pleasure from dark chocolate. For an extra treat my daughter and I dip figs and berries into melted dark choc. It keeps well and one or two pieces instead of dessert hit the spot.

What is your favourite way to use turmeric?

I sprinkle turmeric on my oven baked kale chips (with Himalayan pink salt) and mix it into my homemade hummus - I love the golden colour effect and fortunately my kids love both.

Matcha or turmeric latte?

I am not a huge fan of lattes. The combination with dairy milk doesn’t resonate with me and alternative mylks don’t quite do it for me. I get put off when the milk separates and tastes watery. I love both matcha and turmeric teas!

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