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Zoë's Conscious Gift Guide

For me gifting is my love language. I love thinking of meaningful things and experiences that I hope my loved-ones will enjoy as much as I do. I hate consumerism but I absolutely love the feeling that when I spend my money on something that either supports a good cause, supports a small business or a friend that for me money turns into a beautiful energetic vehicle that helps me shape the world that I want to live in. Below you can find a small list of things that I love supporting and I hope you can enjoy them too.


Sol Lana Gifts

1) Sol Lana - Regenerative Wool

Those that know me, know that I am obsessed with sheep (and mushrooms). This passion has inspired me to develop regenerative felt creations, handmade from repurposed Mallorcan wool, supporting ancestral materials, local craftmanship and a circular economy. Find a beautiful collection of baby blankets, toys and hot-water bottles.


Pico Goods natural organic

2) Pico - Organic Underwear

Good underwear has always been a difficult one to find when you try and avoid mainstream brands, synthetic oil derived materials and still want to feel and look good. Thankfully, I discovered Pico a couple of years ago, and I love their organic cotton underwear & everyday essentials that can be traced right back to the source. As with food, fashion stems from nature, so let's wear those brands that support nature in the process of their creations.


one oneness oil lamp

3) One Oneness - Lampe a Huile

Setting the mood for warmth and cosyness starts with lighting! So enlighten your home with this modern oil lamp to make your home a whole lot more Hygge. With its original and unique design, each lamp is made individually by hand, and can be lit with just using plant oil. 


mushroom lovers gift box

4) Wunder Workshop - Medicinal Mushroom Box

This is the ultimate gift box for all mushroom fans or newbies out there. It combines a selection of potent medicinal mushrooms, to calm, uplift and boost your general wellbeing. In the box you will find the magic of Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms.


Breathe with James breathwork

5) Breathe with James - Calm your senses

A beautifully designed app to guide you daily through various breathwork and meditation practices that can help you find your inner calm. James' soothing voice will help you to find a moment of peace in the frenzy of any festive season.


Grief box gifts

6) Essentials by ZoeLVH - Heart mending 

Conscious gifts for emotional support. This time of year we can feel the loss of our loved ones the most. This heart mending set is a soothing and mindful acknowledgment to let your grieving friend know you are there for them.


Need more inspiration? We also adore these woolen socks, beautiful warm hand-woven jumpers, and single origin chocolate buttons


Have a beautiful cosy season!


Zoe x

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