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Why we bottle our CBD oil in Miron glass


Have you ever thought about how your products are packaged and what kind of ramifications this can have on the product itself?

This is something that we take very seriously, in fact ‘all the decisions we make at Wunder Workshop are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer.’  This mission,  of course, includes how we choose our packaging for our products. One of the many steps we take to ensure the very highest quality is to house our Turmeric CBD in MIRON violet glass and there are a number of reasons as to why we do.

Miron glass was first developed in 1995, with the first batch of containers created for a line of energetic potions called Sun Remedies. This glass was chosen due to the high vibrational frequency of the violet (720-770 billion Hertz); this actually equates to the same  vibrational frequency of our central nervous system.

MIRON Violet glass has significant benefits, including  protection against decomposition from the visible-light spectrum, which protects against changes to the molecular structure of the compound and offering adding energizing benefits.  We will be exploring these points below:


MIRON Violet glass blocks the spectrum of visible light; however, it allows violet and infrared wavelengths to permeate through. This allows optimal protection against the ageing processes released by visible light and thus lengthens the durability and potency of the contents. 

This non-visible UVA light that permeate the miron glass, helps to retard  the growth of bacteria, mold and pathogens. It is for example, what keeps violet bottled drinking water and freshly cut herbs fresh for weeks on end.

Several studies have shown the benefits of MIRON glass, including a chemical analysis of rosewater in violet and amber glass, performed at the Tree of Life Institute, by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. It was seen that within two months the amount of important aromatic compounds decreased in the amber glass, however, no change was observed in the sample stored in violet glass, which shows protection against decomposition by visible light.


Blocking harmful rays from visible light, but allowing violet, infra-red and UVA radiation, has shown to energise the contents within MIRON violet glass too. Infrared wavelengths are known to energise life forms and are especially good for preserving the structure of water crystals. All life requires light energy and the Sun’s rays have both energising and damaging qualities. This is especially important when it comes to food and the nutrition within. Biophotonic research has shown that the molecular and chemical composition in food products is significantly protected in comparison to different glass types, including clear, amber and brown glass as well as other conventional packaging.

In using MIRON violet glass for our Turmeric CBD we seek to gain the energising benefits whilst limiting the harmful effects that light can cause, so that you are always guaranteed the same potency and quality. Furthermore, MIRON glass is 100% recyclable.

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