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Upcycle your empties

Wunder Workshop make your own candle

Learning new skills can be a challenge which makes them seem daunting. Making candles is a skill that can definitely seem difficult, but we were excited to learn how easy it was!

As you may be aware by now, we don't do waste here at Wunder Workshop so we try and come up with ways to reduce this constantly. It has been on our list for a long time, but given the current advice to remain at home, we thought it would be the right time to try. Lighting candles has such a profound effect on the energy of a household, the light is sacred and a still slow-burning candle brings a sense of calm and wellbeing to any space, it's the perfect way to enhance any Wunder moment.

Our empty Golden Turmeric Tea tins and Golden Adaptogen jars are the perfect size for candles, so once you have finished them try making these simple candles rather than recycling the jars, giving them a longer life and creating a circular approach to your empties. 

What do you need for 5 candles:

  • 5 empty jars/tins
  • wax (we made a combination of beeswax and soy wax (1 to 9 ratio), however, we are still researching the environmental impact of soy versus paraffin wax as it's not that straight forward which is better for the environment. Unfortunately, using only beeswax doesn't burn well in a jar). Approximately: 450g soy wax, 50g beeswax. 
  • pre-waxed wicks with metal seals
  • natural essential oils
  • pencils/chopsticks to hold the wick


  • Remove the labels from the jars by soaking them in hot water, and then use an oil like coconut oil to remove the last bits of the label. If you purchased your jar/tea in 2019, the label will be home-compostable so you can put it in the compost or food waste bin.
  • Place 50g beeswax and 450g soy wax in a bain-marie and heat until the wax begins to melt, ensure that the water below does not boil.
  • Put the wicks in the jars, use two pencils or chopsticks and some sellotape to hold them in the center
  • When the wax has fully melted, add your choice of essential oil (this is optional). 
  • Pour the wax into the jars, making sure the wick stays centered
  • Leave the jars to cool down for 4-5 hours before using lighting, trim the wick if necessary.
  • Wash the pan immediately with very hot water.

candle making wunder workshop

candle making wunder workshop

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