Sri Lanka: Back to the Roots - Wunder Workshop

Sri Lanka: Back to the Roots

We have just returned from our trip to the turmeric farms in the heart of Sri Lanka where we had such a wonderful time meeting all the farmers and people that make our sourcing the very best turmeric run so smoothly. Having based ourselves in Kandy, we drove for 3 hours every day up into lush beautiful mountains, where the air is so crisp and you have endless stunning views of the untouched mountains and valleys. Whilst our legs were covered in leeches, and the mosquitoes were swirling around our heads, we walked through the farmers' forest gardens. This is the most sustainable method of farming as it mimics the original ecosystem of the area, therefore having minimal impact on the natural habitat of all plants and animals. It was a dream to learn more about all the Ayurvedic spices and of course our turmeric.

Whilst we had many business meetings in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, we made sure to escape the city as much as possible and travelled down to Galle, Weligama and Ahangama on the colourful speedy highway bus, blaring out the latest Sri Lankan pop songs. On the coast we spent most our time at The Kip, and held a little turmeric workshop, creating golden tinctures and glowing face-masks followed by full-moon Yin yoga. All in all, we can't describe how lucky we feel to be able to do business with such a wonderful country and most importantly with such warm-hearted people. Find below some photos from our last trip.


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