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Interview with Sam Kankanamge , Founder of Sen Wellness

We met Sam a couple of years ago and have since been huge admirers of his London Osteopathy clinic and Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. We had the honour of visiting his Sri Lankan retreat centre during one of our farm trips to Sri Lanka. We saw how his beautiful vision had materialised in creating health through harmony between body, mind, spirit and environment. He has since opened a new site in the lush Sri Lankan forests too, which we can hopefully visit one day. We also planted our Mangrove trees (raised through our 1% initiative) as part of his reforestation project back in early 2020. Learn more about his journey below.

Sam Sen Wellness Clinic Sanctuary

Do you believe you have found your purpose, if so would you mind sharing it with us?

Like most people, it took some time for me to accept and fully embrace my life long purpose, which is healing and serving others. By being of service to others, you are actually serving yourself too; you grow, progress, and become more humble.

We have had the honour of experiencing both your London Clinic Sen Wellness and the Sanctuary in Sri Lanka, for those who not know Sen, how would you describe Sen and it's ethos?

Sen Wellness creates a safe space and energy for people to connect deeply to their body, mind and spirit and to experience profound growth and transformation.

We believe in helping people to empower themselves, whether you are a guest at the Sanctuary, a patient at our London Clinic, or a colleague, or local team member.

We believe that nature is the biggest healer and we are committed to playing a role in conservation, supporting local communities, and to making a positive impact on climate change.

What should someone new to Osteopathy expect on their first session with you?

Typically in an Osteopathic session, the osteopathic physician would take a full medical history with more emphasis on MSS (musculoskeletal symptoms) and then work out a treatment programme that consists of osteopathic manipulation and massage techniques, to various type of healings techniques. I think that Osteopathy is one few treatment modalities that bridge science and the more spiritual aspects of healing.

You started a beautiful Mangrove growing initiative in Sri Lanka, please tell us more about this?

We launched our mangrove reforestation initiative at the end of 2019 and will be planting 10,000 trees on the edge of Rekawa Lagoon in southern Sri Lanka by October 2021. 

Mangroves are particularly effective at offsetting carbon emissions as they absorb up to three times the co2 as other tree species. They also promote biodiversity by providing a food source, generating a supply of fish and shellfish, which then boost the livelihoods of local fishermen.  

Under Sen Wellness Sanctuary’s Green Manifesto, we will now plant 50% of the mangrove trees required to offset the emissions of each guest’s air travel to and from Sri Lanka, when they pledge to donate the other 50%. Sen Wellness Sanctuary Yoga Retreat

What does Ayurveda mean to you in your daily life?

Ayurveda is the science of living, so I take it as an approach to health and daily living that includes mediation, yoga and rituals, to simple eating of mainly fresh and non-processed foods. Also, to focus daily on your life purpose and slowly make headway on this path. This is Ayurveda for me.

The food at Sen Wellness Sanctuary is incredibly delicious and healthy. What is your favourite Sri Lankan dish/recipe?

My favourite Sri Lankan dish is Jack Fruit Curry.

My three favourite or go-to ingredients, are cacao, king coconut, and being Sri Lankan, chilli!

What is your top tip to practice balance during uncertain times?

In difficult times it is important to make an effort to ground yourself. My balancing practices include strong meditation and mantras, walking in nature, and talking to a good honest friend.  

Share with us a quote that inspires you.

I only have a word which is SIMPLICITY.

I am always working to maintain simplicity in my personal, work, and business life. I have also observed that some of the most powerful healing takes place when we keep things simple.

Find out more about his London practice and Sri Lankan Sanctuary here.

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