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Golden Balance: Zoe-Maia Jarchevska

Meet Zoe-Maia Jarchevska, founder of Maia Well Co. — a hub for all things holistic wellness, Pilates and mindful movement. Zoe’s journey into wellness is inspiring, as is her gentle and self-loving approach to taking care of body and mind. Today she shares how she remains balanced in amongst the hustle and bustle of an on-the-go London life.


 - Tell us a little about your story.

MAIA well co. launched in March 2018 and evolved through a journey of self-discovery and a personal interest in all things health and wellbeing. After studying Psychology at university, I began working in office based jobs, first in magazines and then moved onto beauty product development, creating product ranges for luxury brands. With these jobs came wonderful experiences and invaluable lessons in so many areas of business and in life generally, however they also brought about some negative personal experiences as well. The ‘always on, go go go’ mindset led to me becoming burnt out, in and out of doctors appointments, unaware that the symptoms I was experiencing were in fact a cause of stress and anxiety manifesting itself in ways I would have never imagined. Through what felt like endless months of going to hospital appointments without finding any answers, I began my own journey of self-discovery; reading, researching and really investing the time and energy into looking after myself, using a holistic approach.

I decided to take a step back and promised to be kinder to myself, looking after my mind and my body as one. I put more time and energy towards becoming more in tune with myself, slowing things down, switching HIIT for kind movement such as Pilates that I actually enjoyed, and it was truly life changing. In all my spare time at work, I’d be studying, reading and brainstorming about how I could turn these learnings and passions of mine into my career.

Whilst working full time, I trained as a Holistic Health Coach and Pilates instructor, investing any spare evening, weekend and lunch break to practice, learn and read everything I possibly could. I began to think, if I could use my own learnings to help others in a similar position, that would be the rewarding sort of work that I knew wholeheartedly would make me deeply happy.

So after many discussions, worries and debates around ‘what if’ and all the risks involved with leaving a ‘full time stable career’ behind, I worked through any fears with the support of all the wonderful people around me and began my journey with a mission to support others on a journey to become happier and healthier through mindful holistic practices. And so MAIA well co. was born... A holistic wellbeing service offering mindful movement, wellbeing retreats, holistic health coaching and corporate wellbeing workshops in the UK and beyond, developed by Zoe-Maia which explains the name MAIA well co. :)


- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

I really believe that the time I took to take care for myself is what allowed me to create my dream life, by changes to my lifestyle, investing more time towards rest and trying to only say yes to the things I truly love. For me, self care is doing things like cooking more on Sundays so I’m prepared with healthy nourishing food for the week ahead, practising some gentle movement in my PJ’s by the fire on a lazy weekend at home, or simple things like having a hot bubble bath with my favourite candle and book in hand. To me, self-care isn’t an occasional thing that I ‘do’ intentionally, its just become part of my life as a way of taking care of both my mind and body as one.

- What keeps you feeling balanced on the daily?

To me, sleep is essential. Without a decent nights sleep, my brain feels foggy, my appetite is thrown off and my emotions are a little wobbly! Starting off the day with a healthy and satisfying breakfast keeps me balanced as well - I’m one of those people that just cannot function on an empty tummy and definitely experiences hanger! Making some time for the simple things I love, whether that’s going to a class in between clients or having a cosy evening catch up with my fiancé over a delicious dinner at home are all ways that make me feel happy and balanced.

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment?

Honestly, being fortunate enough to do work that I love on a daily basis is the most rewarding of all. Going to sleep on a Sunday, looking forward to the week ahead as opposed to going to sleep with fear and anxiety which is what I used to experience on a weekly basis, is what I’ve always dreamt of and lights me up every Monday morning for the week ahead. But most importantly of all, making a difference to my clients lives and seeing them become so much healthier and happier - there really is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love and improving peoples lives whilst you’re at it.

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration.

So many! But being a perfectionist myself, I do love reminding myself of the quote “Progress, not perfection.” It reminds me that everything is a process and its all about the journey and the progress you make along the way, rather than getting to that final ‘perfect’ end result which lets be honest, might not ever exist!

- How do you practice nourishment every day?

For me, especially with work where I’m often on-the-go, being organised is the key for me to keep myself nourished with all the right foods and foods that I love. So weekly food shops are a must, cooking in bulk on Sundays and also I’ve recently started getting an organic fruit and vegetable box from Riverford which is not only delicious, but it helps to eat more seasonally (and more plastic free than supermarkets). It also encourages me to try out different recipes whilst eating a rainbow of vitamins and minerals which I may not find from the usual fruits and vegetables in the local supermarket.

To me, nourishment is also nourishing my body with movement. Years ago, I would have ignored this and it would have been HIIT class after HIIT class. But now, I listen to my body - if its been a busy day or its that time of the month, I might practice some gentle Pilates and even a little stretching at home in my living room.

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

A long hot bath with some calming oils, pink Himalayan bath salts (By Sarah have some gorgeous bath salts), candles burning (Ardere’s calming ‘Reethi’ candle scent is heavenly) and some nice relaxing music on in the background is my absolute favourite way to wind down. Or sometimes making a homemade face mask, getting into bed early and reading a good book - the simple things make me happiest.

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen?

Oooh this is a tricky one but I think it would be be Olive Oil, Oat Milk and Berries.

- Now tell us, do you have a guilty pleasure?

Of course! I definitely have a sweet tooth. My favourites are gooey banana bread drizzled with some almond butter or a rhubarb crumble (with extra crumble on top).

- Matcha or turmeric latte?

Turmeric, every single day!

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