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Golden Balance: Interview with Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra

Dr Varalakshmi ayurveda

As Wunder Workshop is inspired by Ayurveda and its incredible holistic approach to health and depth of knowledge, we asked Ayurvedic Doctor Varalakshmi Yanamandra to share some of her tips and more about herself. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, B.A.M.S, OMT, managing Director of Ayur Wellness Pain Centre, in Birmingham, UK. She also teaches Ayurveda online via Europe Ayurveda Academy, an editorial board member for JAIMS, International Ayurveda Research Journal and she is an expert in the management of Gut-Health Disorders and Chronic Pain. She uses Ayurvedic and holistic approach to educate and empower the art of healthy eating and lifestyle in British people. She is currently working on creating healthy recipes by incorporating Ayurveda Principles in to modern diet. 

Make yourself a calming Golden Turmeric Tea, and sit down for 5 minutes to absorb her valuable insights.

Do you believe you have found your purpose, if so would you mind sharing it with us?

My Dharma or true purpose hasn't been unfolded yet. Although, teaching & spreading Ayurveda & this vedic wisdom is part of my dharma. My heart tells me that there is more to my life and I am here to serve bigger purpose. Every single minute I breathe, I am looking for ways to honour my highest self. 

What are your ultimate daily rituals?

I lead a very simple and modern life. I believe, less is more and moderate is awesome. Some of my favourite ones include 

  1. Enjoying warm oil face massage & feet massage every single day. 
  2. Nasya drops in my nostrils every morning
  3. Oil pulling with coconut oil or sesame oil depending upon the given season. 

What are your top 3 Ayurvedic non-constitution related tips that our readers can apply?

Stress is lurking in every corner of our modern life and having a routine in this unfamiliar world is important to keep Vata in balance and thus it keeps our health in harmony. 

  1. Follow a daily routine and eat and sleep at the same time every day. Plan your day and meals. 
  2. Drink warm water every single day and avoid ice-cold water or drinks as much as possible. 
  3. Nasya with warm ghee or even just applying ghee or sesame oil inside your nostrils has many health benefits.

What does Ayurveda mean to you in your daily life?

Ayurveda is a true blessing and gift. Ayurveda is the language that helps me decode simple and complex physiology of our body and mind. Ayurveda changed my perception on how I look at this world and we are made up of same elements that rule the universe. That it is vital for our survival as a species to honour and acknowledge this unique bond that we share with the universe

What is your favourite Ayurvedic recipe?

 I am sharing my personal recipe for *OJAS/ Immunity Balls

  1. Take 10 - 12 dates and soak them in hot water for 5 minutes. 
  2. Add them to a bowl along with 1 tablespoon almonds, 1 tablespoon Pistachios, 1 tablespoon cashews. Grind them to a smooth paste. 
  3. Add this paste to 200 gms of almond flour and knead to a smooth dough. Take a small amount and roll in to round ball. Make around 15 balls. 
  4. Roll them in toasted sesame seeds and enjoy!  

Find the recipe video in my IGTV 

What are your 3 go to ingredients?

Turmeric - Love the colour and healthy uses of it in my cooking and skincare. 

Ghee - As it is soothing and great for pacifying Agni/Digestive fire

Almonds - I love almonds as they are filled with so many healthy nutrients and are my favourite protein

What is your top tip to practice balance during these uncertain times?

These are stressful & unfamiliar times for all of us. There is no right way to address this time but here are some simple practices that can help 

  1. Saying a prayer and accepting that it is normal to feel stressed, depressed and anxious. 
  2. Having a simple daily routine in this unfamiliar time is a boon. Setting aside time for your self-care and enjoying this precious moments with loved one. 
  3. Including immune boosting herbs like amla (gooseberry), garlic, ginger and turmeric in your cooking. Drinking warm water and focusing on improving your immunity. Dates, figs and almond milk are all great for boosting ojas. 

Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

"Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear" - Hippocrates 

Although, not all diseases are self-inflicted this is often true with many diseases we see out there. I love how Hippocrates explained this obvious fact that disease doesn't happen overnight but it's the unhealthy habits and incompatible choices that we make each and every day lead to disease ultimately

What is your favourite way to use turmeric, be it in your beauty regime or recipes?

I love to add it to my Turmeric milk recipe and to my face care regimen. You can find my favourite Haldi ka doodh recipe on my IGTV. 

Face care regimen: Milk +1 teaspoon Turmeric + 3 strands of Golden Saffron. I use this as toner to even my skin tone

To find out more about Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra, head to her website and Instagram.


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