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A magnifying glass on mental health

While the tide is finally starting to turn when it comes to the stigma surrounding mental health, there sure is still a long way to go. May 13th-19th marks Mental Health Awareness Week, and though we truly believe this is something that should be spoken about without shame each and every day, it certainly plays a huge role in reminding us that we’re all in this together and to not suffer in silence.

Assembling a toolbox unique to your needs can be incredibly useful not only when you find yourself struggling, but something you can dip into each day to help build emotional resilience. This looks different to each and every person, but we thought we’d share a little insight into a few rituals and routines that help keep us balanced on the daily.

1. Take Stress Relieving + Mood Enhancing Herbs Every Day

This won’t come so much as a shock, but we aim to incorporate a wide variety of herbs and adaptogens known to support the adrenals, as well as keeping cortisol levels and anxiety at bay.

A few drops of our Turmeric CBD every morning promotes relaxation of body and mind, and has fast become a non-negotiable, wherever we are in the world.

Ashwagandha is also an incredibly powerful adaptogen at helping lower cortisol, and when taken consistently, has been known to help many with anxiety, stress and burnout. Our Golden Balance adaptogen blend includes ashwagandha, and is the perfect addition to a pre-bedtime tonic, sending you off into a peaceful sleep.

Then there’s cacao, our favourite heart-opening herb. Found in our Golden Turmeric Bliss Bars, it contains anandamide, aka the ‘bliss molecule’, which promotes, you guessed it... a blissful state of mind!

2. Weekly Trips To The Flotation Tank

The speed at which life moves in a busy city can take its toll on our central nervous system, leading to agitated moods, anxiety and burnout. Flotation tanks are a powerful way to take a moment to be totally still, and switch off the mind. The very sensation of floating is enough to leave you feeling like your most calm self. We urge you to give it a try— you’ll be hooked! We recommend: Float Works in London.

3. Meditation And Mindfulness

One you’ll certainly have heard of before, and will continue to for quite some time. A regular meditation practice allows you to become an observer of your thoughts, as you watch them come and go. It’s not about being ashamed or fearful of negative thoughts, but in fact allowing them to rise to the surface, rather than suppressing them as so many of us do. Meditation teaches us to become friends with our thoughts, to be free from judgement, to eventually accept them and finally let them go.

We at Wunder recommend the following places for meditation and other mindful practices and treatments in the UK: 

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