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A Golden Guide to Spring Cleaning Body & Mind

The sun has finally come out to play and there’s something in the air signaling that Spring is already on its way. The shift out of Winter into the warmer months can be tough — we’ve spent months hibernating and getting cosy, so it’s no surprise that peeling back the layers can prove to be a shock to the system. We’ve put together some of our favourite‘spring cleaning’ rituals for body and mind that will have you ready for the new season feeling your most glowy, golden self.

Our Golden Glow Blend contains the potent Siberian Ginseng, a season-shifting staple if there ever was one. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises that the change in season in both Autumn and Spring can put a lot of pressure on our immune system, leaving us cold and flu ridden.

Studies have shown that the adaptogen Siberian Ginseng works to reduce stress on our immune systems, all the while strengthening the body’s energy systems to power it through the seasonal change. 

Try this cleansing potion on for size: blend apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, Golden Glow + a teaspoon of turmeric honey for a delicious morning immune boost.


Take a trip to an infrared sauna for a mind+ body boost — not only will it increase circulation, it will also help to eliminate any stagnant energy and toxic buildup from the Winter. Take our word for it, one trip and you’ll leave with a Spring in your step and wonderfully soft skin too.


Make the most of the sunshine, we’re enjoying being able to sit outside to absorb the rays for 10 minutes a day. This will support your body in the shift to Spring as it becomes acclimatised to the warmer weather, and so it won’t be a shock to your system when the new season finally arrives. Top this up with a vegan Vitamin D supplement (because hello unpredictable UK weather!) and you’re golden.

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