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A business is like a river

A river begins at a source, formed through the accumulation of many drops that join to form a growing body of water. These sources combine from the highest mountains, glaciers, lakes and aquifers. The volume of the original stream grows and so do the tributaries. The combined forces carve a path through the land growing ever-stronger and powerful before the water is eventually released into the ocean. 

A business is also like a river:

A business starts with an idea, a higher purpose or a profound belief. It starts small, but when the idea develops, it begins to move. Little by little, the source grows and takes life through the valleys, overcoming obstacles along the way.

It joins with others who share the same beliefs and passions, sharing knowledge and learnings along the way. Together, these combined forces become more resilient - passing through the plains, gradually making its journey from concept to product. Eventually, the ideas are released to the ocean for all to see. 

Like a river, everything that the business touches along the journey will eventually be released in to the ocean for all to see.

Wunder Workshop was conceived from the idea to share the amazing powers of turmeric through Golden Mylk, directly sourced from the organic forest gardens of Sri Lanka. To promote a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. Taking moments of self care in our busy days.

Unlike a river, a business can choose its path. 

In business, the path of least resistance is often the most damaging to biodiversity and to the environment, the cheapest, or simply, the path already chosen. From our packaging to the ingredients we choose and the partners that we choose to work with, Wunder Workshop continues to carve our own path.

That's why you won't find us selling on Amazon and why we have changed our packaging through the years to the most sustainable options available. From the beginning, it's why we source organic ingredients from farms that give back to the Earth through regenerative agriculture, supporting traditional farming methods and farmers that truly care.

We do this, because we don't want the waters to have been muddied along the way. So that when our ideas are released in to the ocean we are proud of the quality and impact we have made. 

It is the origin and the journey that make the river, the business, or indeed, the person who they are in the world.  

Tom & Zoe xx

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